Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Thank You

We have reached the end of one of the most eventful, contentious, and politicized races we have ever seen in a local election. Earlier today, I reached out to Lisa Strickland, Tierra D. Williams, and Hilary Caldwell to congratulate them on their election wins. These newly elected leaders are part of a historic moment for both African Americans and women. The Governance of Ferguson Township will be overseen by a Board of Supervisors consisting of all women for the first time in the history of our Township.

I have offered Lisa, Tierra, and Hillary my support in helping them lead our community through the challenges affecting our quality of life in Ferguson Township. I encourage everyone who supported me to join me in not just congratulating Lisa, Tierra, and Hillary but also by offering our next supervisors our good will and collaboration, to find common ground that will unite our community, address the needs of our Township, and leave it better for our future.

The politics of this election was downright dishonorable and I did everything in my power to fight against that and demonstrate a campaign of integrity, unity, and class. The division between the Centre County Republican Committee and I is my failure, not that of other candidates or supporters of the party. I am so deeply grateful for those who gave me their support and helped me through these difficult circumstances. Republicans don’t get it easy when running for office in our community, but when the challenge became most difficult, you either stood by us or joined us in support of kindness, respect, and one community for all. While the results were not what we were hoping for, I am deeply indebted to all of you who gave me the honor of your support.

In addition, I want to thank my fiancĂ© Kara Kavala who has supported me. Without her support, I would have never run for office. Political campaigns can hard on the candidate but just as hard, if not harder on the candidate’s family. I thank Kara for her support, patience, understanding and love. While I may not be taking the oath of office in 2022, I have won to take the vow to forever be Kara’s husband in 2022. 

I hold a great sense of pride in Ferguson Township and its residents. It has been an honor to call Ferguson Township my home and to be surrounded by such great neighbors and to have had the opportunity to serve this community on the Planning Commission. Again, I want to thank everyone who supported me and for any of those who I may not have yet meet, my door is always open and I would look forward to meeting with you real soon.

 - Jeremie Thompson

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