About the Office

The role of a township supervisor is rather unique unlike that of state or federal elected officials. While the position can be tough and complex, township supervisors play a crucial role to the administration of the day-to-day activities in our neighborhood. The township supervisors are our neighbors, people we may see at the grocery store, church, or at a community event. While the position comes with much responsibility and time commitment that often come with long late night hours, township supervisors only earn a few thousand dollars a year (or sometimes less). They make high level and sometimes tough decisions for the greater good of their community.

Township supervisors are in charge of carrying out important decisions in regards to the following:

  • Leaf & Brush Collection, Trash, Cable, and other utilities and services.
  • Transportation and land development.
  • Police & Public Safety
  • Facilities, equipment, parks & recreation.
  • Ordinances & policies including carrying out state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Taxes, fees, the annual budget, and capital expenses.
Beyond attending the regularly scheduled twice-monthly meetings, township supervisors are relatively busy outside of the regular meetings with the following duties:
  • Meeting/Corresponding with residents by phone, eMail, in person, or virtually.
  • Attending scheduled work sessions or committee/advisory board meetings.
  • Reading, analyzing, or reviewing various materials for upcoming meetings.
  • Balancing home, family life and a full-time career.
Township supervisors are truly unique individuals and those who serve currently are dedicated to their community. They don't have fancy offices, large staff, or many of the perks and amenities that state and federal officials have. They're truly, regular everyday people in your neighborhood.