1 for All Plan

Together We Are One!

Jeremie believes in the value of fostering a welcoming and inclusive community. Every Ferguson Township resident, regardless of who they are should have representation within their community. Township governance should do what's best for the greater good of all. As residents, we are friends and neighbors, together we are ONE.

Keeping Health, Safety, Wellness, and Recovery Top of Mind

    • Promote COVID-19 Mitigation Best Practices
    • Connect our Residents to Vaccines and Testing
    • Offer Incentives for the Unvaccinated
    • Distribution of $1.92 Million American Rescue Plan Funding


A Welcoming & Inclusive Community

    • Equitable and Sustainable Resolutions to Social Justice
    • Public Engagement and Open Dialogue
    • Further Anti-Discrimination Resolutions through Ordinance Adoption
    • Resident Participation on Authorities, Boards, and Commissions


An Affordable Place to Call Home 

    • Affordable Housing Options for Everyone
    • A Resident Centric Workforce Housing Ordinance
    • Capture A Clear Affordable Housing Needs Assessment within the Township.
    • A Lower Competitive Real Estate Transfer Tax


Caring & Protecting Our Environment

    • Preserving Open Space, Natural Resources, and Farmlands
    • Open Collaboration on Regional Climate Action Initiatives
    • Utilizing Federal Government Resources Allocated to Climate Action
    • Promotion of Agritourism and Recreation


Fiscal Consciousness Stewardship

    • Adequate and Proper Funding of Township Departments and Services
    • Supporting Financial Oversight, Advising, and Transparency
    • Improve efficiency in Township Operations – Planning vs Reacting
    • Utilize Alternative Funding Sources Available over Tax Revenue
    • Strengthen our Relationship with Intermunicipal Partners