Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Stormwater Management Fee Ordinance

Jeremie is committed to addressing the new Stormwater Ordinance that has sparked a lot of discussion in the Township on it's legitimacy. Understanding the importance that the ordinance brings to ensuring protection to our environment as well as sustaning the finances of the Township, Jeremie will work with residents to find common ground on how the Township can continue to adequately maintain its stormwater infrastructure needs in a fiscally sustainable manner. Jeremie will address the ordinance with the following actions:
  • Set the fee to zero until further notice.
  • Call for a comprehensive assessment of the state of our stormwater infrastructure. 
  • Work with the board to determine what our stormwater infrastructure maintenance priorities are.
  • Provide the public proper in-person opportunity to discuss how the Township should fund stormwater infrastructure needs moving forward. 

Jeremie would support a repeal of the ordinance should the Township be able to adequately maintain their stormwater infrastructure needs in a fiscally sustainable manner. However, given that Stormwater infrastructure cost are increasing and stretching the Township budget, it is important to keep the following in mind:
  • Ferguson Township has over 33+ Miles of pipe and channels, 2,352 inlets, and several stormwater facilities that need maintained.
  • The Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit that requires the Township to invest into Stormwater infrastructure improvements. The Township is obligated by the Department of Environmental protection to reduce its sediment load to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. 
  • The Township has to account for Stormwater infrastructure needs and adaptation from growth, development, and perception/flooding events.
The current Board of Supervisors who served during the passage of the ordinance called to review the ordinance in 2022 and Jeremie will work with the Board and residents to discuss, review, and reexamine the ordinance. 

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