Saturday, October 16, 2021

Statement on Political Negativity

In light of recent attacks made on political candidates running in Ferguson Township, I want to be clear that these negative messages go against my personal principles, ideals, and the messaging of my campaign. When I ran, I made a promise to myself that I would not attack any of my fellow candidates and I will continue to stand behind that promise. It has always been my purpose to run a campaign that focuses on the residents of Ferguson Township and the issues that matter to them. 

I realize that this is a fully contested and highly competitive election, I get it. However, attacking others is negativity that does not help our community, nor voters, nor my campaign. It makes me sick to see what's going on and I cannot in good conscious remain silent. I stand on principles and ideals taught to me by my family, I will not turn against those principles and ideals, and I will not apologize for standing up for what's right. 

When it comes to the issues facing our community, we need to come together and work together. Win or lose, we are all Ferguson Township residents in this election. We are a community of friends and neighbors, we are the people we interact with the most, together we are one.

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