Monday, October 18, 2021

Statement on Centre County GOP Committee Decision to Rescind Endorsement

On Oct. 18, the Centre County Republican Committee (CCRC) chose to rescind their endorsement of me for Ferguson Township Supervisor. The decision was made after I criticized their use of inflammatory language against another candidate. Running counter to their bylaws, the CCRC then expressed support to a Democratic candidate in my place. Regardless, my campaign remains active and supported by Ferguson Township voters across the political spectrum.

Months ago, I made a personal commitment and stated my intentions to run a positive campaign and that I would avoid negative campaigning. However, when the CCRC chose to use my likeness to incite inflammatory language against an opponent, I held fast to my word and spoke out against this incendiary attack. I am committed to the issues that voters care about and will not stand for negative campaigning. I am focused on my vision of a welcoming and inclusive community that focuses on important quality of life issues within the Township: health, safety and wellness; diversity, equity and inclusion; affordable housing; environmental protection; and fiscal responsibility. Additionally, I have vowed to work with the public through open and transparent engagement and dialogue on addressing the Stormwater Fee Ordinance to find common ground that will allow the Township to maintain its stormwater infrastructure in a fiscally sustainable manner.

Every candidate running deserves a fair opportunity to share their campaign message, and voters deserve the opportunity to evaluate candidates without the distraction of negative campaigning.

I would be honored by your support in the upcoming election.

 - Jeremie Thompson

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