Monday, September 27, 2021

Health, Safety, and COVID Recovery

All of us must do our part to protect ourselves and one another from COVID-19. We must use discernment to separate the science from the misinformation. Research credible resources and consult with licensed medical experts.

As Supervisor, Jeremie will continue to promote COVID-19 Mitigation best practices as necessary. Jeremie will connect residents to vaccine distribution, resources, and offer incentives to the unvaccinated.

With the $1.92 Million in American Rescue Plan funds, Jeremie wants to hear what residents have to suggest these funds be used for. The Board of Supervisors hasn't fully decided on what the funds will be used for. However, the American Rescue Plan does allow the Township to use the funds to help residents and businesses affected by COVID-19 or invest in infrastructure projects such as stormwater and broadband internet. With the pending Federal Infrastructure Bill, it's too soon to make a call to allocate American Rescue Plan funds into infrastructure if the pending bill will be allocating additional funds to local municipalities. The Township has until the year 2024 to spend the American Rescue Plan funds.

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