Saturday, August 3, 2019

In The News: Update on Pine Hall Town Development

Jeremie Thompson spoke with Evan Hinkley from WTAJ News this past week on the updates of the Pine Hall Traditional Town Development (TTD). The Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors will be holding a Public Hearing on this development that is scheduled for Monday, August 5 at 7PM.

Township Staff, including the Arborist and Zoning Administrator have reviewed the master plan. With any development, Township Staff reviews the plans to ensure compliance with the ordinances of the Township. If the master plan meets the requirements of the ordinances, then staff makes a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors to approve the master plan. 

On Monday, the Board of Supervisors will take public comment on the Pine Hall TTD during the Public Hearing. The Board will not be voting on the plan until later in the month during their regular meeting on Monday, August 19. If approved, the Pine Hall TTD will be the largest development to ever be constructed in the Township.

The Master Plan and additional plan documents can be viewed on the Ferguson Township website.

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